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An expression with two different meanings.

The expression “used to” has two completely different meanings.

Sometimes it means in the past. For example, “I used to live in Pusan.”

A whole different meaning is "accustomed to" or "familiar with." For example, “He is used to getting up early.” This means he gets up early frequently.

Examples of  “used to” in the past:

“I used to be a good swimmer but not anymore.”

“She used to be a teacher but now she is a business woman.”

“I used to eat a lot of candy but now I try to eat only healthy foods.”

“We used to see movies every weekend but now we stay home.”

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Examples of “used to” for "accustomed to":

“It took me awhile to get used to my new cell phone.”

“Are you used to your new computer yet?”

“People in Italy are used to eating dinner late.”

“I’m not used to speaking before a group. It makes me nervous.”

“The best way to get used to speaking English is practice, practice, practice!

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